Potty Training your Autistic Child? Then you NEED to hear this.

2 days ago I did a poll in my facebook group asking who is struggling with potty training and where are you at. To my absolutely surprise (or not), within an hour I had over 100+ responses. All from parents and caregivers stating that they are struggling with potty training, they’ve tried and failed, and “Michelle!!! Potty SOS SEND Help Fast.”

​I went live in there yesterday and I explain that MOST if not ALL children on the spectrum no matter the severity can potty train. Not only do I have a 100% success rate in potty training the children of the clients I coach, I also surveyed the 2 BCBAs in our Group Coaching Program. Both of which have had varied extensive experiences with children all over the spectrum, including severe and non verbal children and adults.

They both agreed that MOST if not ALL children on the spectrum CAN Potty Train.

​So if that is the case, why are so many parents and caregivers still struggling with this?

​See I could share with you all the solid gold tips I have to Potty Train your child (they can be found in my Potty Guide HERE), but if you don’t have what I am about to share on lock it wont matter what practical steps I tell you, you will not potty train without this….

​And… it’s the MANDATORY step of changing your thoughts about potty training. I know you know what I am talking about, because I saw it in the posts:

​”Potty Training is hard”

​”She can’t learn it because she has Autism”

“He can’t learn it because he’s non verbal.”

“I can’t teach them”

“I’d rather leave them in a diaper so I don’t have to clean up the mess.”

​”She’s never going to get this”

We have to start thinking about potty training in a way that supports success. For me, that thought went from.. potty training is hard.. to…

“There is no other option, she must Potty Train.”

And let me tell you, as simplistic as this seems MOST do not master this. And it’s not just for potty training, it’s for all the things we want to see our kids do, but deep down our thoughts are telling us they can’t or we can’t help them to do it.

If you can’t change your thoughts, you child will not get better, they will not potty train, they will not communicate, nothing will change. The famous words of Napoleon Hill state:

“What ever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

The results of what you conceive could be wonderful or they could destroy any progress we want to see for our kids. The choice is yours.

Now try on some new thoughts and go out and get that baby Potty Trained!

​xoxo Michelle

​P.S. If you are struggling with Potty Training, your thoughts, or any other goals you have for your child, we can help you. Book a Blueprint Call today so we can get you on a path towards progress.

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