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I am a single mom to a 4yr old boy. Initially noticed something was wrong when my son stopped developing around 15 months. The words he was saying (I have in video) he stopped saying. He became very lucky with his diet. After practically begging his pediatrician for help they sent me to a neurologist to get us off their backs. After checking his vision, hearing and blood work an MRI and EEG was ordered. They discovered he was having seizures when he was sleeping. After almost 2 years of tests he had surgery to remove the area of seizures. He had Focal Cortical Dysplasia. After being evaluated by a NeuroPsych and Developmwnfal pediatrician a provisional diagnosis of ASD was made. My son Chandler has been in speech/OT for almost 2 years with slow progression. He’s starting ABA soon. I have a very small support system for my son but I am determined now more than ever to help him. If this journey has taught me anything is that I am his greatest advocate. I even had decided to pursue my bachelors in Psychology and major in childhood and early adolescent development. It’s super hard finding the right people to help special needs kids so I want to help those who are is desperate need like I have been.

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