I’m losing my daughter

Hello Warrior Parents!

​”I’m losing my daughter.”

This was a thought I had repeatedly around Julianna’s 16 month mark.

And if you’re anything like me, you’ve seen regression with your child.​

What I mean by that is your child was hitting milestones, saying words, maybe even pointing and making great eye contact and then all of the sudden it just stopped.

It went away at what felt like a snap of a finger.​

In my experience, this felt like a death.​

Maybe it felt that way for you, too.

Seeing progress and a “normal/neurotypical” life unfolding right before your eyes and then it all vanishes.

I remember for a minute wishing Julianna just never hit her milestones at all, so I wouldn’t know what I had lost.

But here’s what I do want to say to you reading this, especially if your child was hitting their milestones and if they were saying words in particular:​

Your child is in there. They CAN come back to you.

It takes you believing it and doing everything in your power to turn the “I’m losing my daughter” thought around to​

“She’s coming back to me” CHAMPION thought.

Then showing up and acting like the Champion your child needs you to be.​

You can do this. You have to do this.​



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