A day I didn't see coming ..

A day I didn’t see coming ..

Today we had Julianna’s annual IEP meeting. (That is an annual meeting with the school district to decide goals and placement for the next school year.)

Educationally she’s on par with neurotypical peers her age.

Her writing, math, and overall classroom skills are stellar.

For Julianna right now, her deficits are social in nature.

So, my attention to detail to this deficit far surpasses a school district that deals with many varying degrees of special education students. Quite frankly, it’s not really equipped to handle my BAD ASS MOM BOSSERY.

A few days ago I had the pre-meeting with the team at school and you know by now I am a “spirited” mama bear, so that conversation was “heated” to say the least.

So going into the IEP meeting, we were all probably on edge.
I was expecting the usual…

a fight..

a struggle to get her the services she needed…

BUT….I stated my case well, we worked through ideas, we will have even more collaboration between home and school teams.
I was satisfied.

THEN the Director of Special Education asked Juliannan’s Special Education Teacher this..

“Seeing Julianna is doing so well academically, what does the team think about her leaving ICT (Integrated Classroom Teaching) and putting her in a General Education Classroom for 4th Grade?”

My heart stopped, I covered most of my face with my hands, trying to hold back the tears.

I mean..this was in my plans for her.

I wanted this for Julianna at some point…I just didn’t see us arriving here already.. today.

At one point in time, I didn’t even think this was a possibility for us.

At that moment, I saw the moment she was diagnosed, the nights of tears, the moment I looked in the mirror and said “GET THE FUCK UP MICHELLE, SHE NEEDS YOU” flash before my eyes in that moment.
I burst into tears.

She’s ready and this moment we’ve been working towards just arrived.

My Daughter Julianna, who was Diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum December 2014…

  • Who was Non Verbal..-Who we taught Sign Language
  • Who I potty trained with no language
  • Who made sounds-Who said 1 word utterances-Who began to speak
  • Who made sounds
  • Who said 1 word utterances
  • Who began to speak

In September, this child will enter the 4th Grade in a general education classroom with no in class support.

My daughter is not a unicorn.

This is possible for ANY CHILD… ANY ASD CHILD.

I want to help you get there.

For the blessings of this day, it is my mission to help as many babies as I can have the outcome that we had today.

Let us do that for you.

All you have to do is say YES to this possibility for you, too.

Book a call HERE to speak to a member of my team. This call is the first step in working with me to craft this future for your child.


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